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A Retrospective at Artizana

1. "Islamic Influences on Contemporary British Crafts" - 1986 Ceramics by Siddig el Nigoumi and Jon Middlemiss.

islamic influences on contemporary british crafts


2. "Poetic Landscapes" - 1987 Embroidered Paintings on silk by Verina Warren.

poetic landscapes


3. "Earth Water Fire" - 1987 Mixed Media by Paul Johnson, Michael Mason and Jane Poulton.

earth water fire


4. "A Touch of Glass" - 1988 Studio Glass by Rachel Woodman.

touch of glass


5. "Moods of Nature" - 1988 Embroidered Paintings on silk by Caryl Webb.

moods of nature


6. "Taking Shape" - 1989 Bronze Sculptures by Jackie King-Cline.

taking shape


7. "Intimate Reflections" - 1989 Embroidered Paintings on silk by Verina Warren.

intimate reflections


8. "Contemporary British Furniture" - 1989 Furniture by Jeremy Broun, Ron Carter, Andrew Holmes, Nigel Lofthouse, John Makepeace and Alan Peters.

contemporary british furniture


9. "Flights of Fancy" - 1990 Ceramics by Hilary Brock.

flights of fancy


10. "Born Free" - 1990 Ceramics by Berni Sutton.

born free


11. "A Place for Art" - 1990 Contemporary Art, Craft and Furniture for the Office (held at the Harris Museum, Preston).

a place for art


12. "Breaking the Surface" - 1992 Furniture and Sculpture by Derek Pearce.

breaking the surface


13. "An Alchemy of Letters: The Art of the Pen" - 1993 Paintings and Tapestries based on Arabic Calligraphy by Ahmed Moustafa (held jointly at Artizana Gallery and Manchester City Art Gallery). A book accompanying this exhibition is available with colour illustrations and text by Jeremy Theophilus. (Price £12.00)

alchemy of letters


14. "Hallmark of Genius" - 1994 Silver by Kevin O'Dwyer.

hallmark of genius


15. "The Art of Commissioning" - 1995 Artizana Commissions: A Retrospective. [Jackie King-Cline (sculpture); Neil Wyn Jones (furniture); Linda Lewin (jewellery); Kevin O'Dwyer (silver); Magdalene Odundo (ceramics); Alan Peters (furniture); Tim Stead (furniture); Verina Warren (embroidery); Rachel Woodman (glass).

the art of commissioning


16. "Against the Grain" - 1995 The art of Peter Chatwin and Pamela Martin.

against the grain


17. "Super Bowls" - 1995 Studio Glass by Rachel Woodman.

super bowls


18. "Original Designs" - 1995 Furniture by David Jesse Jones.

original designs


19. "Home Blown" - 1996 Studio Glass by Neil Wilkin.

top glass


20. "Top Glass" - 1995 Studio Glass by 40 British Glass Artists.

home blown


21. "Wild Wood"- A Celebration of Imperfection - 1997 Furniture and Sculpture by Tim Stead. A book accompanying this exhibition is available with colour illustrations and text by Alex Fraser. (Price £8.00)

wild wood


22. "Conversation Pieces" - 1999 Glass, Sculpture and Paintings by Charles Bray.

conversation pieces


23. "Come for a Potter" - 1999 Ceramics by 9 potters: Gabriele Koch, Jon Middlemiss, Peter Beard, Joanna Constantinidis, David Roberts, Kate Malone, Angela Verdon, Derek Clarkson and Jane Hamlyn.


gabriele koch

23. Gabriele Koch


jon middlemiss

23. Jon Middlemiss


peter beard

23. Peter Beard


joanna constantinidis

23. Joanna Constantinidis


david roberts

23. David Roberts


kate malone

23. Kate Malone


angela verdon

23. Angela Verdon


derek clarkson

23. Derek Clarkson


jane hamlyn

23. Jane Hamlyn


24. "A Dialogue in Clay" - 1999 An exploration of cross cultural influences on contemporary British ceramics; Work by 4 world renowned potters: Alan Caiger-Smith, Takeshi Yasuda, Elizabeth Fritsch and Magdalene Odundo. A book by the same title "A Dialogue in Clay", is available from Artizana. The book is beautifully illustrated in colour and includes an introduction by Emmanuel Cooper and critical essays by Edward Said, Anne Armitage and Edward Lucie-Smith. (Price £10)


24. Alan Caiger-Smith

24. Takeshi Yasuda

24. Elizabeth Fritsch

24. Magdalene Odundo


25. "Modern Art for the 21st Century" - 2000 Paintings by Horst Kroppen and Dieter Schobert 


25. 'The Fast Lane'

25. 'Media Mogul'

25. 'High Flyer'


26. "Body & Soul" - 2000 Ceramics by Stephen Dixon and Furniture by Guy Martin


26. 'Vessel' by Stephen Dixon

26. Chair by Guy Martin


27. "Artizana at SOFA Chicago" - 2002 Contemporary British furniture at SOFA , Chicago.



27. 'Union Jack Cabinet' by Andrew Holmes



27. 'Cosmic Olive Clock' by Fred Baier



27. 'English Fruits Table' by John Makepeace

27. 'Gothic Music Stand and Chair' by Neil Wyn Jones


28. "Field of Dreams" - 2002 Embroidered paintings on silk by Verina Warren

28. 'Wheatfield'


28. 'Detail'



29. "Adornment" - 2003 Jewellery by Gail Klevan, Rowena Park and Jane Moore


30. "Harmony of Letters" - 2004 Calligraphic painting and prints by Richard Crookes

30. 'Carpe Diem'

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